Tuesday 24 March 2020 – Russian Sacred Choral Music

Arto Doxo vocal ensemble at St George’s Church, 28 Aubrey Walk, Kensington W8 7JG

Arto Doxo Vocal Ensemble
Arseny Kruglov artistic director

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Choral music by Znamenny, Demestvenny,Valaam, Kievan, Chesnokov, Trubachev, Degtyarev,Grechaninov, Kedrov and Lvovsky and a selection of Russian folksongs.

Ensemble Arto Doxo is a London-based choir of musicians who perform at the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God in Chiswick. They are devoted to Russian Orthodox repertoire and their programme draws together Russian sacred music from the 15th to 20th centuries. Their performance will explore the history of the development of Russian sacred music, to show how the musical component of the spiritual heritage developed. We will also hear a selection of Russian folk songs, showing how deep and diverse music was involved in everyday life.


Sacred music:
  1. Heavenly King – znamenniy chant
  2. O, my soul – ancient chant with ison
  3. It is truly meet – “putevoy” chant
  4. Polyeleios – “strochniy” chant
  5. Champion Leader – Bulgarian chant
  6. Holy God, Holy Mighty – N. Diletsky
  7. Rejoice, o people! – D. Sarti
  8. My heart is fortified – D. Bortniansky
  9. Gladsome light – Valaam chant
  10. Vouchsafe, o Lord – Kievan chant
  11. Nativity troparion – S. Degtiarev
  12. To thy cross – P. Goncharov
  13. Now the heavenly hosts – Gr. Lvovsky
  14. The angel cried out – M. Balakirev
  15. Our Father – N. Kedrov
  16. The penitent thief – P. Chesnokov
  17. From the rising sun – S. Trubachev

~ interval of twenty minutes ~

Military songs from 19 century and the First World War period, Russian folk songs:
  1. 5th song of the Aleksandriysky regiment
  2. He alone is worthy of life
  3. The sinking of the Varyag
  4. Bravely into battle
  5. Farewell (Revolutionary song)
  6. Song of the wise Oleg
  7. The black raven
  8. In the dark woods
  9. O, ye wide steppe
  10. Song of the Volga boatmen
  11. The 12 Robbers
  12. Bridle, lads, the horses